Supporting the McNabb Center since 1972

Recovery Housing / Jail to Work

The McNabb Center Recovery Home is a safe, healthy and sober living environment. The Recovery Home fosters a culture of recovery through a combination of the social model of recovery and clinical services provided by trained staff. Participants provide and receive support through peer led groups where they can empower each other with their recovery experiences. The Recovery Home promotes a lifestyle that embraces wellness, self-confidence, achievement and connection to the recovery community. The participants have access to trauma-informed care that includes therapy, medication services, and case management and relapse prevention skills. Participants are invited to attend on site and community support meetings including AA, NA, CoDA and weekly aftercare meetings. The Recovery Home is a 12 Step, abstinence based recovery program provided in a homelike environment. Staff led groups include life skills, work skills, employment placement, relapse prevention and planning for independence. The participants, upon admission, participate in the development of the apartment framework and structure to determine rules and responsibilities within their community. Participants are encouraged to take an active part in their recovery planning and can call a recovery team meeting at any time. Ongoing peer support along with additional recovery services delivered by trained staff work together to provide an opportunity for successful recovery.