Supporting the McNabb Center since 1972

Helen Ross McNabb Foundation Board of Directors 2019-20

The Helen Ross McNabb Foundation is governed by a 29-member volunteer board. Board members are volunteers from all walks of life who give of their time and talent to direct and serve the Foundation. Members are elected and serve a three-year term and may serve two consecutive terms.

Mrs. Susan Conway (Chair), Mr. Greg Gilbert (Immediate Past Chair), Mr. Ford Little (Treasurer), Mr. David Ownby (Treasurer), Mr. David Wedekind (Chair-Elect)

Mrs. Lisa Blakely, Mrs. Linda Gay Blanc, Mrs. Leslie Blanton, Mrs. Lindsey Boyd, Mrs. Jenny Brock, Dr. Amy Cathey (Ex-Officio), Ms. Stephanie Crowe, Mr. Wade Ewers, Mrs. Debbie Jones, Mr. Bob Joy, Mr. Mark Kroeger, Mr. Jason Lay (Ex-Officio), Ms. Fran Leonard, Mr. Jim Lloyd, Mr. Richard Montgomery, Mrs. Sylvia Peters, Mr. Don Rogers, Mr. Keith Sanford, Mr. Ross Schram, Mr. Mitch Steenrod, Col. Joe Sutter, Mr. Jerry Vagnier (Ex-Officio), Mrs. Ashley White, Mrs. Rosemary Wigington