Supporting the McNabb Center since 1972

Helen Ross McNabb Foundation Grant

The Helen Ross McNabb Foundation supports the McNabb Center through its grantmaking process. This year, the Foundation approved $330,000 in grant funding to continue two projects: the Embedded Psychiatry program and the Medication Assisted Treatment program.

These unique programs began through grant funding from the Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee and, because of their impact on those in need, continue to this day.

Embedded psychiatry within emergency departments

McNabb Center’s Embedded Psychiatry program partners with both the University of Tennessee Medical Center and East Tennessee Children’s Hospital to provide psychiatric consultation within the emergency departments. More than 10 percent of all emergency department patients in the United States present with psychiatric symptoms. While emergency department providers are able to meet a patient’s acute physical health needs, the departments often lack specialized psychiatric providers trained to deliver the needed care during a time of crisis.

This program, which began in 2019, has shown great success in both emergency departments and its continuation is integral to serving those in need. Seeing this demand, the Helen Ross McNabb Foundation approved a $250,000 grant for the continuation of the Embedded Psychiatry program.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT is a proven method of treating addiction disorders. Combining medications, such as Vivitrol and buprenorphine, with traditional therapies has been successful for individuals struggling with addictions. The McNabb Center provides buprenorphine through its CenterPointe location, and Vivitrol through numerous outpatient clinics.

The Helen Ross McNabb Foundation approved $80,000 for the continuation of this program. Through the Helen Ross McNabb Foundation’s support, the Center’s MAT programs will continue to serve those with the most need and fewest resources.